Peer Review Process

Journal of Management World is a double-blind refereed academic journal committed to publishing the highest quality analytical and empirical research that is useful to academics and business decision-makers in various fields of management. Theoretical papers that fail to provide testable or policy implications and empirical papers that cannot be replicated are discouraged. The Editorial Board of JoMW is interested in expanding the frontiers of scholarly research in management and is willing to work with any potential author who is developing new and exciting ideas. However, JoMW puts any submission through a rigorous, objective, and confidential peer-review process.

JoMW’s peer-review process reflects a commitment to editorial independence free from conflicts of interest or corporate or political influences. The process begins with the Editor, who reads each submitted manuscript to decide if the topic and content of the paper fit the objectives of JoMW. Eligible manuscripts are assigned anonymously by the Editor to one member of the Editorial Board and at least two other reviewers. The Editor makes an editorial decision upon receiving recommendations from the referees.

When a referee decides to reject a manuscript, a critique is presented to the Editor who then forwards it to the author. Each detailed critique includes a specific recommendation from the referee indicating whether or not the author should be encouraged to resubmit the manuscript for publication consideration. The Editor makes the final decision regarding re-submissions. Upon receiving a re-submission, the Editor determines whether or not the manuscript should re-enter the review process, be accepted, or simply be returned.

The Editor determines the publication dates for accepted manuscripts. As a general rule, the Editor attempts to "balance" the topics covered in any one issue. Consequently, in an effort to balance the coverage of topics, the Editor may choose the articles to be included in a given issue from among those already accepted for publication. This general rule will be set aside should the Editorial Board decide to do so, such as in the case of a special issue devoted to a single topic.

Submission via email is strongly encouraged and will receive a faster turn-around. Except for the final version, manuscripts can be submitted via email in Microsoft Word file format.

If JoMW’s Editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct, the publisher or Editor shall deal with the allegations. The publication of the manuscript is suspended, and the authors are informed as such. The article is then retracted or corrected, whichever is applicable. If misconduct was discovered post-publication, corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies, are published if necessary.